@worstemaker – De Twitterende Slager

03 May Eetsnob

In a new series of Portraits Twitter are Twitter users and their daily use central. How to fill the daily operations and Twitter each other and how both are combined?

In the first episode we follow old fashioned butcher Erik Waagmeester (@worstmaker) of butchery de Wit in Amsterdam. Butcher Erik processed “the whole beast, and he makes everything himself, such as sausages, pâtés and soups. In addition to preparing these delicacies and their sale in the store, he likes to use Twitter to share his work and knowledge with interested parties. He likes to share pictures as the new meat and how the cows live before they go to the slaughterhouse. When he makes his sausage get followers on Twitter sometimes say in the taste. Erik uses Twitter almost always for his work. The birth of his child was an exception. Erik is always open to questions about meat and prepare and serve it.

Follow Erik Waagmeester in his kitchen butcher how he makes fennel sausage. First, the needed herbs are weighed. Then he grinds the meat. Then, the ground meat is combined with the herbs and some water in the mengton. After ten minutes you see the result of the fennel dough. In order to make the sausages, the dough is thrown into the stuffing box (also called ‘worstvulmachine’). Erik press professionally dough into natural casings. As a finishing touch, he hurls the fennel sausage stuffed natural intestine to the correct size.


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